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B. Pietrini & Sons is dedicated to creating a safe working environment in collaboration with its customers and vendors and provides training and equipment to create a culture of safety. Here are some of the highlights of our safety program:

B. Pietrini & Sons' formal safety policy begins with its safety manual, which is given to all its employees. The employees are expected to read it, understand it and obtain clarifications from their supervisor or one of the company's full-time safety persons when necessary. In addition to access to their supervisors and safety personnel, the employees are required to attend frequent jobsite "toolbox talks" and are given documentation which covers a wide range of safety topics. The training also includes discussions of the company's hazard analyses, how to identify hazards and how to mitigate the problem, if possible. If not possible, all employees know they have the right to refuse to work in conditions they consider unsafe and know they will not face any disciplinary action for bringing these unsafe conditions to the attention of their supervisor or the company's safety personnel. In addition, most of the company's employees have OSHA 30 hour or OSHA 10 hour training and many employees also have been given first aid and CPR training as well.

B. Pietrini & Sons also constantly performs safety policy compliance audits and constantly reviews its safety policies and procedures to make sure it's meeting the latest safety regulations and using appropriate technology to reduce its workers risk of injury. When there is an accident, the job supervisor prepares a full incident report which identifies the cause of the accident and recommendations on how to avoid the accident in the future. The company's safety committee meets regularly to review these incident reports and incorporate the recommendations into the company's safety policies and its safety manual.
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