B. Pietrini & Sons, in collaboration with our clients and vendors, is dedicated to creating a safe working environment and culture of safety.

B. Pietrini & Sons is dedicated to creating a safe working environment in collaboration with its customers and vendors and provides training and equipment to maintain a culture of safety.

B. Pietrini & Sons Safety Policy

  • Safety Manual & Compliance Audits
  • The B. Pietrini & Sons safety manual is required understanding for all employees. The safety manual is regularly amended and revised by our full-time supervisors and safety officers.

    B. Pietrini & Sons regularly performs safety policy and procedure compliance audits and implements to keep pace with current safety regulations. We also use appropriate technology to reduce our workers' risk of injury.

  • On, Off-site & OSHA Education
  • In-person training includes jobsite "Toolbox Talks" to amplify and clarify, in writing, safety considerations, procedures and protocols relevant to each project.

    Toolbox Talks training also includes hazard identifying, analysis and mitigation.

    As a result we reinforce the knowledge that employees have a permenent right to refuse work they consider unsafe and/or report unsafe conditions to management without risk of disciplinary action.

    Most B. Pietrini & Sons' employees have completed OSHA 30 hour or OSHA 10 hour training. Many employees have completed first aid and CPR training.

  • Accident Reporting
  • Accidents are unfortunate and inevitable given the nature of our tasks and the materials involved in our work. Project Supervisors receive training to author a clear and thorough incident report to document both the cause, and recommendations to avoid, similar accidents.

    Accident reports are regularly reviewed by the B. Pietrini & Sons' safety committee and urgently incorporated into our Safety Manual and Toolbox Talks.